Virtual Ticket Solutions

NON-Contact, Cashless Ticketing

In these COVID times, people are looking to reduce contact between the customer and the management team in the purchase of tickets and admission to the event. Eliminating dirty cash, sticky pens, and paper receipts helps in preventing the spread of disease. VTS’s mobile ticket solution will eliminate any and all physical contact between the two parties, then adds the timed ticketing feature to reduce large crowds entering a large event. 

Tickets are purchased from any mobile device, a QR code ticket is sent to the individual with the chosen time for entry. 

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With E-Tickets, we eliminate cash, pens, and receipts to make for no contact transactions between consumer and event staff.


With our mobile ticketing, you can load points to the app, and when scanned for different purchases. It takes away points like a gift card. 

POS Solutions

Cloud-Based and Private Local Network, with our store and forward technology, never lose a transaction.

Timed Ticketing

With timed Ticketing, reduce large crowds from entering a large event all at once. 

NON-Contact, Cashless Ticketing