PSI, Leading Supplier of Barcode Products in the Library & Video Industry

Establishment of PSI Plastic Graphics

PSI Plastic Graphics was founded by Michael Hallahan in December 1990 after a time of frustration with partners and suppliers. Hence, the beginning of PSI Plastic Graphics, Printing Services. A sole proprietorship owned and operated by the Hallahan Family in the St. Louis Area.

PSI Entering the Library and Video Industry, Supplying Barcoded Products

PSI’s primary goal was to provide bar-coded products primarily to the library industry which included bar-coded labels and plastic bar-coded membership cards. In the early days, there were only two of us as primary manufacturers in these markets. Soon after establishing a base with the PLA (Public Library Association) we soon thereafter approached the Video Industry or the VSDA (Video Software Dealers Association). Within these two markets we supplied the nation’s largest library systems and video giants like Blockbuster and Movie Gallery here in the US and were fortunate to supply London’s largest chain VIDBIZ, and as well De’Videoot in Amsterdam half a world away.

Product Creation Diversity Lead to PSI’s Huge Success within the Distributor Market

PSI began to create many different products for these markets including Key Tag Cards, Family Packs, Combo Packs, Bar-Coded Card and Labels Combo’s, Book Markers, Puzzle Card, and our Event Badges. In the early years, we primarily contacted these markets direct with our own sales force. After years of selling directly with our sales force with limited exposure, we had made a drastic and fortunate decision to enter the distributor market through the channels of the Business Forms Community.

PSI Opening More Markets in Result of Hallahan’s Association with Business Forms Community

PSI Plastic Graphics make a BOLD move into the distributor market in 1995 working with the business form distributors, a market Hallahan knew quite well after 8 years of working with Moore Business Forms, Standard Register, and Forms Service. It seemed natural to sell to your past co-workers whom you could relate to. Thus, a perfect chance to show your wares at shows like DMIA, Print Solutions, and the Document Management shows across the country. By doing so, we opened up so many more markets than we could have ever attempted. Hence, elimination of inside sales and the determent of them leaving for a competitor with our database.

PSI Forms New Bonds with Organizations – Advertising Specialty Institute, ASI

Upon a strong foundation of the Business Form Distributors, we found other organizations as ASI, (Advertising Specialty Institute) who have provided a deluge of activity and ongoing sales to this very day. With these two groups as our basis for activity and revenue, we have continued to grow through there marketing and support.

PSI’s Commitment to Constant Product Development

I would like it known that our product development continues to grow every year with the input of our family of distributors. We listen and learn. By doing so we continue to create new products in plastic printed products.

PSI Receives a SAGE Distributor “A+” Rating Award

SAGE Online is the leading product research tool in the industry, with thousands of distributors using it on a daily basis to perform product and supplier research.